M O U N T A I N   N O R T H


We are two childhood friends who, by the age of 27, felt that it was time to do something different from

what we had been doing. A wise man named Gary Vaynerchuk said "Close your eyes until you're 29" and that's exactly what we did. We quit our jobs, abandoned college studies and degrees, lived off of our savings and dove headfirst into the world of film and photography. We've both shared the love for the creative field for as long as we can remember and we've both always been very driven and likeminded people and that was the core foundation of this committment. To get a good start on our new journey we invested most of the savings buying gear and eventually a van which we converted to a home for two.

We spent 6 months roaming around Europe, seeing as many places as possible and gathering as much experience as we could and we haven't stopped pushing on since. We're both past 29 now, we've opened our eyes and

we can finally see clearly where we're going - and we love what we're seeing.


We are Simon & Daniel and together we are Mountain North